About - Leman Jewels


Jewelry designer Ngoc Doan was born in 1981 into a family with over 40 years of experience in jewelry making. She graduated with a Degree in Applied Jewelry Arts from The Gemological Institute of America and spent 5 years working in US as a gemologist before returning home to Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam to continue her family’s tradition & found her luxurious jewelry brand Leman Jewels. Leman Jewels is a branch of the most prestigious jewelry house in Vietnam.

With her proper training and experiences accumulated from over 10 years working in US, Ngoc Doan is bringing fresh air into her family’s business by introducing newness to the traditional designs but still maintaining the elegance & sophistication of the products. Well-received by a growing list of local & international patrons including famous celebrities & business people , Ngoc Doan plans to expand the brand further to the US and European markets.

After 5 years of working in Vietnam, Ngoc Doan sees great potential in the local market with growing demands from a more sophisticated group of clients. Maintaining the highest quality and reputation is always her top priority, and to ensure that, every product must be selected very carefully & treated like a piece of art by Ngoc Doan herself and her skillful team of jewelers. This meticulous approach to treating every piece of jewelry remains her key to winning the trust of her most difficult customers.

“I have a great passion for jewelry and every product of mine must go through a painstaking process before reaching our clients. I joined this business since I was 16 so it is everything my life is about. Leman Jewels was founded on passion, devotion and on top of that, a long history of our family’s tradition.”